Why Multispecies’ Flourishing?

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Steven Khan
G. Michael Bowen


For a while now we have been working on an idea, a framework/perspective/way of knowing, being, and doing that we believe needs to be more explicitly considered and written about in mathematics, science and technology education. In this editorial we intend to introduce this idea, what the important parts of it are, discuss why we believe it is important for both research and the teaching of children, how it could be incorporated into science, mathematics and technology classes, and why we think it important enough to be researched and written about for future issues of this journal. 


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Khan, S., & Bowen, G. M. (2022). Why Multispecies’ Flourishing? . Journal of Research in Science Mathematics and Technology Education, 5(1), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.31756/jrsmte.515