An Investigation of Success Factors in a High School Algebra Intervention Program

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Sherri Kulpa
Sherrie Wisdom


This quantitative study allowed investigation of a high school Algebra intervention program through examination of potential relationships among teachers’ beliefs about teaching and learning, teachers’ instructional styles, students’ academic self-concept in mathematics, and students’ mathematics achievement.  Existing research focused on individual components used in this study on the elementary level; thus, leaving a gap in understanding of how factors related to the success of high school students. Results may provide information to teachers and administrators regarding relationships among factors shown to impact student achievement in mathematics, and provide evaluation of an Algebra intervention program at the secondary level. The researcher utilized the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Teaching and Learning Beliefs Questionnaire to identify beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics and the Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP) to determine how closely instruction in Algebra classrooms aligned with constructivist practices.  Students were given the Academic Self-Description Questionnaire II (ASDQII) as pre-and-post measures of academic self-concept in relation to mathematics; then, data were checked for relationships to achievement, measured by common semester final exams. Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient analysis determined significant relationships existed between RTOP scores and the ASDQII prompts: I am hopeless when it comes to mathematics; work in mathematics is easy for me; and I get good marks in mathematics classes. Significant relationships were defined between Teaching Style and both Productive and Unproductive Teacher Beliefs, as well as between students’ academic self-concept in mathematics and overall mastery of Algebra content, measured by scores on common semester finals.


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Kulpa, S., & Wisdom, S. (2021). An Investigation of Success Factors in a High School Algebra Intervention Program. Journal of Research in Science Mathematics and Technology Education, 4(3), 205-224.