Instructions for Authors

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts submitted for review are expected to be free from language errors and must be written and formatted strictly by following the latest edition of the  APA style.

If you are comfortable using templates (strongly recommended), we offer Word template for manuscripts.

If you prefer not to use a template, please follow the alternate instructions given below.

  • Articles should be typed in 10-point font on A4 page, paginated and double-spaced.
  • All margins should be set to 2,54 cm.
  • The title should be followed by an abstract of 150-250 words and 3 to 6 keywords, at least 3 are mandatory.
  • We only accept files in (Doc) format from Microsoft Word. We do not accept PDF submissions or files.
  • We expect a typical paper to be between 3000 and 10000 words, including tables and figures.
  • Authors must ensure the accuracy of citations, quotations, diagrams, tables and maps.


Submission to our journal proceeds totally online, via Submit article, and you will be guided stepwise through the generating and uploading of your files. All correspondence, including notification of the Editor’s decision and requests for revision, takes place by e-mail.

If the web-submission process does not work for some reasons, authors may exceptionally submit their manuscripts via email to or